Living space decisions

While trying to solve the problem of where to live during the build we had spoken with a number of friend and family some of whom even offered to let us live with them.  We consider our lives to be a small three ring circus (two humans and two dogs) and its loosely controlled chaos, which didn’t seem fair to inflict on anyone else.  Below are the options as we saw them

1.  We could live with family or friends: this might be a good idea but living with other people can be very stressful.  We recognized that the build was going to be stressful enough for our relationship and the added stress of living with other people was not a good idea.

2.  Live on the site: this could be accomplished by building a small ADU (additional dwelling unit/shed) on the property and living there or through the purchase of a recreational vehicle that we would park on the lawn.  In light of the stress of the build we were concerned about living in such a small space as a trailer, having never been in a trailer we decided to visit our local RV dealer.  We met a relatively nice sales person we’ll call him Bob (since I cant remember his name) and he was showing us some models in our price range when we decided to walk through a nice 10′ x 24′ model (that’s a 240 sq-ft living space).  While inside I made the mistake of asking the Bob how you get rid of the black water (that’s RV talk for the toilet waste water, as opposed to gray water from the sinks)?  Bob quickly informed us that since we would be living on the property and have access to a sewer line we could just dump it on site.  At this point we both started laughing and I had to ask Bob to give us a minute, little back story here one of my favorite movies is Christmas Vacation and there is a scene where cousin eddy is empting his black water into the storm sewer (see picture).  This mental image was enough for both of us to realize a trailer would not work.

Cousin Eddy

Cousin Eddy


3.  Apartment:  This turned out to be the winning choice and although it will cost us alot more than living in someones basement it will be much better for us in the long run.


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