Garage sales

This weekend after moving most of our stuff to storage and our new apartment we held a garage sale to get rid of the remaining crap (side note here, I may never buy anything again after living in this small house for 6 years we have amassed an amazing amount of crap).  Spending my Saturday and Sunday standing around and haggling for stuff was about the last thing I wanted to do.  We did make some money but most of that came from the Craigslist ads for bigger things.  Next time I will donate all of the items to charity and take the tax write-off. 
Some highlights from the garage, a man decided to haggle with me on the price of my lawn edger (this is a similar  $214 tool  ) I had the shocking price of $15 on it and the guy asked if I would take $10.  I politely declined and he then left for his car but walked back and said if I could start the edger by the second pull he would buy it for $15.  In hindsight I should have told him to no but in the interest of getting rid of things I pulled and started the edger and then turned it off.  He promptly asked me if it actually would stay running, thankfully my mother intervened and asked him if he was going to buy it which he did.  I would have been much better off cleaning and preparing for demolition than messing around with the people who stopped by. 
On the introspective side I pondered what it is I dont like about a having a garage sale and realized that I am inviting people to judge me and the things I have purchased.  Basically I at one time found enough value in the item to purchase it for retail, I have now asked complete strangers to walk in and offer their appraisal of the items and whether they are worth the little money I am currently asking.  This was not much fun but was a good thing for me to learn about myself.  I think in honesty the reason I would rather have donated the items is because I would have felt magnanimous by giving the items to people who would be glad to have them.  I am starting to think that this build is going to erode what pride I have.


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